After a stretch of radio-silence, I’m ready to get back into writing again. We’re settled in after a very busy second half of the year.

The JavaScript Capital of the World

We wanted to live in San Francisco but the reality of that just wasn’t possible. We did end up in the next best place, Oakland! As you can imagine, moving your family 2000 miles isn’t the easiest thing to do. But, we made it and have been settling in. It’s been a blast getting to know Oakland. I’ve really enjoyed being in the heart of the JavaScript community. There are quite a few prominent JavaScript & Node developers that call it home. It’s inspiring to be local to so many creative and intelligent folks. And the community is welcoming as I learned by going to JSFest.

Another New Year and Another New Job

At the beginning of December I joined App Press as an employee. I had been working with them as a freelance developer since April under my own company, Doyle Software. The App Press team is great and I think we have a great product. While I’m sad to see end of Doyle Software, I’m very excited about being a part of App Press. If you’re looking for a way to design and deliver beautiful, native apps be sure to check us out!

I’m responsible for the server development and infrastructure, so expect to see a lot more post posts about Node & Angular, nginx, AWS, and Docker and other DevOpsy related topics.