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The Next Next Adventure

The Next Next Adventure

After a stretch of radio-silence, I'm ready to get back into writing again. We're settled in after a very busy second half of the year. The JavaScript Capital of the World We wanted

The Next Adventure

The Next Adventure

The past 4 years here in Indianapolis have been wonderful and a time of growth for me. I have many happy memories as I look back at our time here. But, it is

The Creation of My New Blog

The World of WordPress About a year and a half ago I made the switch from Posterous to a WordPress for my blog. I figured that I might as well learn how to

New Year, New Job, New Stuff!

Motivation can be a funny thing. Sometimes you have it when you don’t have time for it. Other times it’s nowhere to be found when you are desperately seeking it. My

5 Things to Learn in 2011

There is so much amazing stuff happening with technology today. I think I’m at a good spot in my career where I need to push my boundaries. I don’t have any