In 2010 I made the choice to use Mercurial instead of Git. That was mostly due to Mercurial having much better Windows support. It had strong tooling for the command line, Windows Explorer, and Visual Studio. It was a simple choice. Ahh, but the times they are a changing…

Here we are, a quarter of the way through 2012. The world has moved forward as it tends to do. GitHub has dominated the open source world and elevated Git to be the de facto winner of the DVCS battle. The final victory for Git was the announcement from CodePlex that they too will support Git. It seems Git is really all you hear about now-a-days in the DVCS world.

So now that it’s clear that Git is the tool to know, I guess it’s time to make the switch for my personal projects. I can get by cloning a repo with my rudimentary Git skills, now is the time to get familiar enough with it to use it in my normal workflow. I’m not planning on converting existing repos, just starting new ones on Git.

Another good sign for us Windows Git users is that Phil Haack has moved over to GitHub. I have much faith in Phil as he and the GitHub gang works towards improving the Git experience on Windows.

And I, for one, welcome our new DVCS overlords.