The big change in my job has been the de-emphasis of my development time, and now focusing on the email archive migration side of our business. I was bummed about the change, but it’s the direction we’re headed, and business is booming! I think many people don’t really know what email archiving is, and the need for migrating between email archiving systems is probably even more foreign. But, those folks who work for a company that needs to archive, understand the severity of not having it. While Bishop still sells and supports a few different email archiving packages, we also have a lot of experience in migrations. And that’s what I’m in charge of now. Maybe someday I’ll get to develop again.

Since the focus of my job has changed, I’m also changing the focus of my blog. I’m making it a little more general by giving it a technology focus instead of a pure development one. I also decided to try out Posterous as a hosting site and I switched the domain name to I picked it up sometime last year when GoDaddy had a special on.

I’m also going to start posting more. For the most part I’ve just been lazy, but I feel renewed seeing the new layout of the site. Now that Microsoft and WordPress are closely aligned, maybe I’ll try that out if I get the motivation. Who knows.